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Midland Firenze, offering events for Soccer 5, 7, or 11, includine those for Women’s and Childrens’ Soccer. We offer quality service at adeguate prices.

In today’s world where professional soccer is becoming more and more exasperated, MIDLAND prefers to reintroduce the more nobile values of the most beautiful sport in the world; where friendship is valued amongst players, loyalty towards the adversary, and respect towards the referees. With this scope in mind, MIDLAND is promoting a series of initiatives, such as awarding the players that speak out for fair-play, and those teams that distinguish themselves via their correct comportment during a match. In this way, MIDLAND sincerely hopes that all participants become aware of their own actions and rediscover the importance in general of the sport, especially the quality of friendship, as an instrument in personal growth, not only as an escape valve for stress.

Why choose MIDLAND?
Because we can offer you the best service thanks to our years of experience in the field of sport event organizzation.
Because we offer competitive prices thanks to the number of stipulated conventions.
Because we center our attention on each team and each athlete in such a way they feel totally participant in the event, and not like staff offering a service.
Because our amateur sport events are organized using modern tecnhiques, thanks to our ample use of computerized systems, and the use of our Internet Site as an instrument to convey how we value each team and athlete.
Because our organizazions have at least one responsible staff member present on location, guaranteeing a perfect outcome of the sport event.
Because we choose Sport Centers for the quality of service offered.
Because all teams that participate in our events share real values as well as respect for the adversaries. It is with this criteria that each year we select the teams thay may participate the following year.
For our spectacular awards at the season’s end, certificates of purchase, trophies at each final whether Regional or European, all at the expense of the Organization.
For the fantastic promotions that we offer to the participating teams each year.
For the UNIQUE initiatives we offer, such as our Journalistic Report via Internet, our annual pubblication The Almanac of the Teams (offering not only a memoir of the events but also a donation to society as all proceeds go to Charity).
For our personalised services to our members: field rental for amateur gamesI or practise offered at discounted prices; specialized service “iscrizioni a domicilio” or Membership sign-up directly from your home; our continual assistance and availability given our locations, or Points, throughout the province.

MIDLAND today, yesterday and tomorrow.
MIDLAND was formed in 1989 in Milan by a new up and coming business man who had a great passion for sports; over time the group evolved and refined itself to what we have today, a manageing group with notable experience and professionalism, who dedicates its resources to all amateur sports.
MIDLAND arrived in Florence in 1996, after having developed experience in the planning and realization of sport plants, particularly, the first Soccer 7 field, followed by another with a synthetic field, and finally a field for Soccer 11, in Florence. Today our objective is to establish ourselves as leaders in the organization of amateur competitions. Thanks to our experience matured via various collaborations and events, MIDLAND can infact be proud of its specialized organization of many amateur sports events, as well as its staff of young professionals, its passion for sports and team players, all which builds a strong structure in organization, competence, and enthusiasm promoting its continuing growth.
Our structures do stand apart from the rest given our continual attention, entusiasm, professionalism and passion in guiding this group.

MIDLAND offers services to both private and business sectors

Private groups/individuals
During the year (from September to July) MIDLAND organizes cups and tournaments at the best sport centers around Florence and in its Province. The hundreds of teams that have participated at our manifestations have shared our passione, our objectives, and have become thus testimonials of our quality of service.

MIDLAND has collaborated with the CRAL group (Comune of Florence and Province), as well as other private groups such as IKEA, Mef, Menarini, Findomestic and Banca Desio, organizing ad hoc manifestations.
Our service various according to the requisites of each single business: we are able to offer a referee service for their matches as well as the complete organizzation of the event: an adeguate sport center for the event, assistance at the event, supervising the event, providing the sporting material necessary, staff, insurance for all participants, publicizing the results on Internet, clear visibilitity of the promoting business, follow-up via our own editing TV and Internet staff; in conlcusion, a full-rounded service from A to Z that you can depend on.
MIDLAND organizes Soccer 5, 7 & 11 Events, as well as events for other types of sports, with the professionalism and quality of attention. You can depend on us.

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